Latest Review of Charleston Hospitality Catering

Shannae Christy 5.26.12

Latest Review:

Chef Eric Gaffin was amazing! He merged his company in the middle of my engagement and my fiance’ and I didn’t even notice any transition. He even took over for the sales person who was in charge of our wedding when she left the company. He was available and communication was always open. The week of my wedding he even had lunch with me to discuss final details. In the mist of dozens of Charleston Brides that week Eric really made me feel special.

The servers, WOW ABOVE AND BEYOND of what I have seen from wedding servers. They were friendly and attentive and made sure tables were cleared and people were fed! There was one in particular who saw me getting overwhelmed and took whatever project I was doing (tying baby’s breath to my flower girl sign?) and did it for me and did a BEAUTIFUL job. There was also a male server who came over to the island during cocktail hour with hor d’oeuvres to make sure my bridal party didn’t go hungry. That kind of service was definitely amazing and way above average.

Our guest’s reviews of the food was equally if not more so amazing. I kept hearing over and over “This is the BEST wedding food I have ever had!” The pasta station was a hit with both the vegetarians AND
carnivores in our clans. The shrimp and grits were definitely a delight! During one of our meetings Eric mentioned that changed his recipe a bit from our initial tasting but even my Yankee family told me how they never like grits until they tasted his. Charleston Hospitality definitely set the bar high for any weddings our guest go to for the rest of the season and helped make my wedding truly the Summer Kick-off Event!

My main focus (besides marrying the love of my life) was my guest enjoyment. And they certainly
enjoyed themselves! I can honestly say my fiance’ Matthew and I would choose Charleston Hospitality again and again!

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