Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah | Latest Review

Sarah's Bat Mitzvah | Chef Eric Gaffin's | Latest Review

Dear Chef Eric,

I want to thank you and your amazing team for providing a wonderful luncheon after my daughter’s bat mitzvah on August 18th. The food was absolutely delicious, plentiful (as we requested!), and beautifully presented by your capable staff. I received rave reviews from my guests, including “best kiddush ever (at this temple),” and “this luncheon raised the bar (on future kiddushes)!” Several people asked who catered the event, so I am sure you can expect some phone calls in the near future! You made me very proud! I also appreciate your willingness to incorporate some of my grandmother’s recipes into the meal, which allowed my family to feel her presence on this very special day. It will be my pleasure to recommend you!

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