Summerville Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon

We were proud to have one of our restaurants, Toast of Summerville, cater the annual Summerville Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon on Tuesday, Oct 28th 2014.

The local State representatives were there to go over the hot button issues facing the economic and business concerns of the area.

Legislative Panel

Senator Sean Bennett – District 38
Representative Chris Murphy – District 98
Representative Jenny Horne –District 94
Representative Joe Daning –District 92

Our own Jason Boutin of Toast of Summerville gave a great speech about the importance of giving back to the community, something he does through his job and personal life.

Here are some highlights from the event.Luncheon_0001 Luncheon_0003 Luncheon_0004 Luncheon_0006 Luncheon_0017 Luncheon_0020 Luncheon_0021 Luncheon_0022 Luncheon_0032 Luncheon_0044 Luncheon_0054 Luncheon_0060 Luncheon_0071 Luncheon_0086 Luncheon_0087 Luncheon_0089 Luncheon_0090 Luncheon_0091 Luncheon_0092 Luncheon_0093 Luncheon_0095 Luncheon_0096


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