1st Annual Rhyne Roast at Pepper Plantation

We were honored to cater the first annual Rhyne Roast at Pepper Plantation on Friday night. We had great food (Oysters, BBQ and dessert) and music with The Brady Smith Band. Check out the photos and thank you to Dr. Rhyne and friends for a great event!

Roast_0001 Roast_0002 Roast_0007 Roast_0010 Roast_0014 Roast_0023 Roast_0023_1 Roast_0024 Roast_0025 Roast_0038 Roast_0040 Roast_0046 Roast_0077 Roast_0081 Roast_0084 Roast_0088 Roast_0089 Roast_0092 Roast_0093 Roast_0096 Roast_0097 Roast_0100 Roast_0102 Roast_0107 Roast_0108 Roast_0114 Roast_0115 Roast_0119 Roast_0122 Roast_0126 Roast_0135


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