Burgers, Bands and Brews Competition

We had a great time at the Burgers, Bands and Brews Competition this past weekend at the Charleston Harbor Marina and Resort.
Our Executive Chef Bill Montgomery whipped up a real winner of a burger with his Chef Bill Good Burger! It was a crowd favorite and also the judges as Toast took home the 2nd place overall trophy against some stiff competition.

Check out the photos from the competition and be sure to try an award winning Toast! Burger soon!

BBB5-3_0052 BBB5-3_0148 BBB5-3_0146 BBB5-3_0140 BBB5-3_0130 BBB5-3_0124 BBB5-3_0122 BBB5-3_0119 BBB5-3_0118 BBB5-3_0110 BBB5-3_0107 BBB5-3_0102 BBB5-3_0098 BBB5-3_0089 BBB5-3_0086 BBB5-3_0072 BBB5-3_0063 BBB5-3_0055 BBB5-3_0053

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