Another 5 Star Review for Charleston Hospitality Catering

Another 5 Star Review for Chef Eric S. Gaffin

Eric was AMAZING during the entire process of our wedding. He was also great with our rehearsal dinner. Our guests were blown away by the food and the professionalism of the catering crew. Eric made our special day even more so. We used Charleston Hospitality Catering for our food and bar for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding. All of this was amazing and I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful, professional caterer.

Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah | Latest Review

Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah | Latest Review

Sarah's Bat Mitzvah | Chef Eric Gaffin's | Latest Review

Dear Chef Eric,

I want to thank you and your amazing team for providing a wonderful luncheon after my daughter’s bat mitzvah on August 18th. The food was absolutely delicious, plentiful (as we requested!), and beautifully presented by your capable staff. I received rave reviews from my guests, including “best kiddush ever (at this temple),” and “this luncheon raised the bar (on future kiddushes)!” Several people asked who catered the event, so I am sure you can expect some phone calls in the near future! You made me very proud! I also appreciate your willingness to incorporate some of my grandmother’s recipes into the meal, which allowed my family to feel her presence on this very special day. It will be my pleasure to recommend you!

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Lime Charleston Charity Event 7.16.12

Lime Charleston Charity Dinner 7.16.12 | Founded by Renata Dos Santos

Theme for menu was Local Ingredients from The Charleston Farmers Market. Head Chef on this event was Jefferey Myers of Poogans Porch and was assisted by Charleston Hospitality Catering’s who did an amazing job that ended with a round of applause from all the guests..

Charleston Hospitality Catering



Sous Chef Jefferey Myers of Poogan’s Porch



Sous Chef Amanda Page of Charleston Hospitality Catering


Amazing Private Venue, Downtown Charleston: Charleston Hospitality Catering

Our exclusive venue located in the heart of Downtown Charleston | 6 Market St.

From chic social events, private in-home dinners and corporate meetings to weddings and fashionable soirees, Charleston Hospitality Catering is enthusiastic and devoted to producing bold and brilliant events that are flawlessly executed and always original. 843.460.0800

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More reviews of Charleston Hospitality Group

Charleston Hospitality Catering


“I cannot say enough about the excellent service and quality food Chef Eric provided for our daughter’s wedding. They offer a variety of delicious food choices to meet your tastes and budget. My daughter and her husband wanted healthier, gourmet-type food choices offered in a stations-style for 150 guests. Chef Eric prepared traditional Low Country items like shrimp and grits and pimento cheese BLT’s, as well as lighter fare like fennel soup ‘shooters’, Asian chicken noodle salad served in rocks glasses with chop sticks, and Mediterranean items. Our guests loved the food and many asked, “Who was your caterer?”

We also used Chef Eric for the rehearsal dinner. At both events the servers were professional, food was delicious and fresh, and presentation was excellent. I highly recommend Chef Eric for quality food, service value and responsive, knowledgeable staff.

Why using professionals is important for your big day

While Charleston Hospitality Catering is not a Event or Wedding Planning Company we stick to what we do and that is Fresh Food and Great Service. Charleston Hospitality Group would love to recommend some wonderful Planners to you that he has had the pleasure of working with over the years in Charleston. I will be the first to say your caterer, DJ, Pastry Chef and etc. are not trained to be your Wedding & Event Planner. If they tell you they can plan your wedding or event for you, RUN & FAST!!!!!

Leave it to the pros
Your wedding day should be the most fantastic day of your life, yet we always hear those bride horror stories don’t let that be you. Make your first wedding phone call to a wedding planner because as the newly engaged, it is your responsibility to relax and enjoy. Before you know it, it will all be over.

A wedding can be an incredibly scary undertaking, especially when you’re not sure where to start.

Charleston Hospitality Catering
Weddings are among the most beautiful, yet most stressful events we have to look forward to in our lives. So why not invite a professional to lend a hand? There are a plethora of things in our daily lives that we need help with. A wedding should be no exception.
It can be scary to put your special moment into someone else’s hands, but with a little research, I think you will agree that going it alone is a far scarier prospect.

Planning a wedding takes an incredible amount of time, especially if you want it done right.Average Wedding takes 240 hours to plan, depending on the type of wedding you are looking to have, you may find it difficult to plan it all on your own. Having a wedding planner is like having a personal assistant who is there to do all of the calling, ordering, and looking after details that you may not have time to deal with As human beings, we often fall victim to procrastination. In what can be an extremely high-stress situation, there is little room for putting things off. Many women go into the wedding planning process without knowing the first thing about time lines, and that can lead to some preventable disasters down the road. Do not waste another minute worrying about what you don’t have time to do. Get back on track by hiring a wedding planner.

Here’s a novel idea: Wedding planners plan weddings! Have you or your friends and family ever planned a wedding before? I’m going to venture to say the answer is no, and even if the answer is yes, I’m sure it hasn’t been many. So why are you leaving one of the most important days of your life up to amateurs?
Well-known and respected wedding planners have been doing their job successfully for quite some time, so they know where to find the best flowers, the best photographers, and the most original centerpieces. It is their job to listen to your dreams and make them a reality, so why would you settle for anything less? There is very little that a good wedding planner can’t do. Let them be the professionals they were meant to be, and give yourself a chance to enjoy the engagement.

Let’s face it; men are not always the best partners when it comes to a planning wedding. They would rather let you choose the color combinations, flower arrangements, cake flavors and seating arrangements. After all, this is your wedding, not theirs. Many brides rely on mothers, sisters and best friends to help with the details, but I say you should turn to someone who can provide the ultimate guidance and be completely honest.
Wedding planners are as much there to lend support as they are to take control. Sometimes planning a wedding can seem like an impossible task, but a wedding planner has numerous lists giving him or her instant access to the best of everything, including books full of stunning displays to bring your ideas to life. Go ahead and add another friend to your wedding entourage – after all, it’s true what they say about safety in numbers.

Weddings can be an expensive undertaking, and while hiring a wedding planner can seem like a superfluous cost, it could save you money in the long-run. Wedding planners have valuable connections with every central name in the business, which afford them discounts and special advantages that would not be open to just anyone.
They will also work within a budget, so as long as your eyes are not bigger than your wallet, they should be able to give you everything you desire, and perhaps a little more. Also, it is not uncommon for so-called “professionals” such as photographers or deejays to take advantage of unsuspecting brides and grooms. A wedding planner will ensure that you only receive the best.

Attention to Detail
Any event has the potential to look nice, but it is the attention to detail that really gives a special occasion some life. We all know there are certain things that must be covered when planning a wedding. These include finding a dress, choosing colors, picking flowers, selecting locations for the ceremony and reception, and so on. But beyond that, how do you make your wedding memorable?
This is what wedding planners were made for. A vast portion of their job is to take the wedding of your dreams and make it better. Let them.